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To: Eduardo
13:52 | Monday 18th Mar 2019
May the force be with you, e eu sei que esta :-) Best of luck to everyone!
To: Sandrine and All trekkers
13:18 | Monday 18th Mar 2019
Good luck to you all. It is not an easy thing you have chosen to do. It is a worthwhile cause and something you should all be proud of.
To: Chi Phuong
11:28 | Monday 18th Mar 2019
Fighting chi oi!!! Duong con dai va nhieu chong gai, di hoai di quai se cang ngay cang deo dai :)) Remember you have all support from us on every step of the journey!!! Reallllllly proud of you sis!!! Đệ đệ
To: All the trekkers
10:16 | Monday 18th Mar 2019
Wishing you all the very best of luck in this fantastic adventure. Well done to everyone for all your amazing fundraising. Keep safe, everyone and enjoy yourselves!.
To: Quynh Le
09:18 | Monday 18th Mar 2019
Good luck Quynh, it will be an amazing experience for you all with lots of great memories. Hope the camping isn't too traumatic!!.
08:57 | Monday 18th Mar 2019
Best of luck everyone.
To: Robin and all trekkers
08:24 | Monday 18th Mar 2019
Well done to everybody for your fundraising. Safe journey to Ethiopia, have a great time on the trek, support each other and come home safely to share your stories.
To: Takegawasan
07:40 | Monday 18th Mar 2019
Your one step is the one step for children all over the world! All members of Save the Children Japan are looking forward to your safe coming back! You will have the best cup of a coffee after you reach the peak^^ Ganba! Ganba!
To: Eduardo Oliveira
16:51 | Sunday 17th Mar 2019

Translated from: es

Eduardo, a lot of encouragement and strength! With your energy, this edition of the trek will be unbeatable
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To: Jeff Shikaze and Trekkers
03:19 | Sunday 17th Mar 2019
Goooo trekkers!!! Be safe and have fun!
To: Jeff Shikaze
01:48 | Saturday 16th Mar 2019
Good luck Jeff!! You’ve already made Canada proud! Sending you good vibes from Canada to take you up to the top.
To: Arelette Priestley
19:02 | Friday 15th Mar 2019
Hi Arelette and fellow Trekkers - Best of luck on this adventure of a lifetime. I will be cheering you on from the states. Allison
To: Quynh Lee
17:40 | Friday 15th Mar 2019
Quynh - best of luck from all of us at Ware R&D, the site are super proud of how much you've raised and the energy you've brought to the site in doing so. Enjoy the trek !
To: Annabella
15:06 | Friday 15th Mar 2019
In bocca al lupo Annabella. I am sure it will be a strong experience, both physically and emotionally. You have all our support :) Enjoy wonderful Ethiopia
To: All the Trekkers
09:04 | Friday 15th Mar 2019
I hope you all have the most incredible trek and experience in Ethiopia which will no doubt be life changing. It is already a great achievement to raise such an amount of money and to keep the training discipline through the winter months! What a great sense of satisfaction to go prepared and know you have done so much already for Save the Children. When it gets tough just remember, 'Be you, feel good and keep growing' - well done and look forward to hearing about your adventures.
To: takekawasan
03:24 | Friday 15th Mar 2019

Translated from: ja

okaradani kiwotsukete gomurinakiyou !!
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To: Hitoshi Takegawa
03:09 | Friday 15th Mar 2019

Translated from: ja

Takekawa, the great challenge is really great! I am a boy! I pray for the safe climb. I support you from the bottom of my heart, so please tell me again if you return home safely
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To: Mr.Takegawa
03:05 | Friday 15th Mar 2019
You almost there! You can do it! We are looking forward to seeing you back safely!
To: Clive
21:33 | Thursday 14th Mar 2019
We are all so proud of you clive! your effort into raising such an amazing amount of money for save the children is admirable! What you are doing is so amazing. I wish you and all the other trekkers a safe and memorable experience!
To: All of the trekkers!
11:38 | Thursday 14th Mar 2019
Thank you all for the amazing efforts you've put in and I wish you all the best for the trek! The fantastic amounts that you have raised will make a huge difference for the children, mothers and families being supported through the GSK partnership. Thank you!
To: Quynh Le
09:13 | Thursday 14th Mar 2019
Your thorough preparation will see you through :-)
To: Quynh Le
08:46 | Thursday 14th Mar 2019
Best of luck Quynh, you'll smash this! You've done amazingly well with your fundraising and training. Looking forward to the updates.
To: Robin Nicolson & All Trekkers
09:39 | Wednesday 13th Mar 2019
Not long now and you'll be off. All the training and hard work raising money for such a good cause is coming to an end. Good luck to you all. There will be good times and tough times ahead. Work as a team and support each other. Enjoy every moment.
To: Annabella Nagi
14:58 | Tuesday 12th Mar 2019
Annabella, I am sending you all my energy for the upcoming days! And looking forward your return when I am sure your good energy will radiate all of us.
To: Ryan Pornillos
15:33 | Monday 11th Mar 2019
We are cheering for you Ryan! You can do it!!! #ForceisStrong
To: All Trekkers
11:30 | Wednesday 06th Mar 2019
Good Luck with your packing! and safe journeys to Ethiopia. Looking forward to meeting you in Addis on the 20th!